Mayco 2021 Stoneware Glaze Kit

The 2021 Stoneware Glaze Kit includes all five new stoneware glazes from Mayco in a 4 oz jar. Great for testing on your clay bodies and trying new combinations. Liquid pints and dry formula (SD-#) of the new stoneware glazes will be available to order early April. 

  • SW-185 Rainforest
  • SW-186 Azurite
  • SW-187 Himalayan Salt
  • SW-188 Landslide
  • SW-189 Cenote

All of the new glazes are AP Non-Toxic in liquid form with the exception of SW-185 Rainforest, which is CL due to soluble copper. SW-189 Cenote is dinnerware safe when used according to manufacturer’s directions. The four new matte glazes (SW185-SW188) are not recommended for dinnerware due to surface durability. While the glazed surface may pass lead & cadmium leach tests, and therefore legally considered Food Safe, some glazes, regardless of surface texture or porosity of underlying clay body, will be designated as not suitable for dinnerware as the fired glaze surface is not durable and can be impacted by contact with food or liquids.

Type: Glaze